As a little girl, I loved “helping” my Aunt Susan with her vegetable garden. In fact, one of my first memories is of watching my aunt, also a landscape designer in Manhattan Beach, pick sweat peas. I literally became obsessed with gardening and flowers at a young age. It’s no wonder, as gardening is literally in my Stimpfig blood. I’m a fourth generation South Bay gardener. Both my great-grandfathers were in the business here in Manhattan Beach–one as a professor of agriculture, the other as the greens keeper for the Wilshire Country Club! My passion for working with plants to create spaces of beauty, symmetry, simplicity and organic design, can be traced back to my childhood when I would save up babysitting money in order to buy bulbs at Bob’s Nursery!

Since those early days of tinkering, I shifted from ‘digging’ in the dirt to also moving rock and stone to create natural, yet elegant, patios, pools and outdoor retreats. Janiece Snyder Landscape Designs has grown organically over the past 18 years—starting with friends who asked for assistance. From a steady stream of referrals, I have grown my business and my breadth of experience over the years. I am so blessed that my passion has blossomed into a career that still allows me to ‘dig in the dirt’—while also designing intricate stone walls, water features, firewalls, patios and beautiful pools for a variety of clients in the South Bay.

Every client I work with is involved in the process as I believe that each garden and outdoor space is an intimate reflection upon the person and family. Before starting a project, I get to know my clients well—as this is a collaboration where my goal is to meet their needs and vision for a gorgeous outside setting. Please browse my portfolio to see that while I may design spaces that range from modern to traditional to beach—hey all have a common denominator that incorporates environmentally-friendly design, organic beauty and symmetry within a relaxing atmosphere.

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